tetrix in Scala 

This is compiled from a blog series I originally wrote in August 2012. The all code and tools were updated to the latest in September 2013.

Every now and then I get an urge to explore a new platform, new ways of thinking, even a new programming language. The first thing I try to implement is always the same: a clone of the famous falling block game. I’ve implemented them in I think eight languages, Palm V that I borrowed, and on Android. Probably the first Scala program I wrote was Tetrix too. Some had network capability so two players could play against each other, and C# one had AI that kept playing on its own.

I feel like writing Tetrix again. It’s non-trivial enough that it lends itself well as an example application. The looping and similar-but-different operations allows languages to showcase lambda or point-free style. The UI and event handling may reveal lack of native support for basic things.