Configuring Gigahorse 

Gigahorse.config will read from application.conf to configure the settings.

  • gigahorse.followRedirects: Configures the client to follow 301 and 302 redirects (default is true).
  • gigahorse.useProxyProperties: To use the JVM system’s HTTP proxy settings (http.proxyHost, http.proxyPort) (default is true).
  • gigahorse.userAgent: To configure the User-Agent header field.
  • gigahorse.compressionEnforced: Set it to true to use gzip/deflater encoding (default is false).

Configuring Gigahorse with SSL 

To configure Gigahorse for use with HTTP over SSL/TLS (HTTPS), see Play WS’s Configuring WS SSL. Just place the configuration under gigahorse.ssl:

gigahorse.ssl {
  trustManager = {
    stores = [
      { type = "JKS", path = "exampletrust.jks" }

Configuring Timeouts 

There are 3 different timeouts in Gigahorse. Reaching a timeout causes the request to interrupt.

  • gigahorse.connectTimeout: The maximum time to wait when connecting to the remote host (default is 120 seconds).
  • gigahorse.requestTimeout: The total time you accept a request to take (it will be interrupted even if the remote host is still sending data) (default is 120 seconds).
  • gigahorse.readTimeout: The maximum time the request can stay idle (connection is established but waiting for more data) (default is 120 seconds).

The request timeout can be overridden for a specific connection with withRequestTimeout() (see Building a Request value).

Advanced configuration 

The following advanced settings can be configured.

Refer to the AsyncHttpClientConfig Documentation for more information.

  • gigahorse.maxRedirects: The maximum number of redirects (default: 5).
  • gigahorse.maxRequestRetry: The maximum number of times to retry a request if it fails (default: 5).
  • gigahorse.disableUrlEncoding: Whether raw URL should be used (default: false).
  • gigahorse.keepAlive: Whether connection pooling should be used (default: true).
  • gigahorse.pooledConnectionIdleTimeout: The time after which a connection that has been idle in the pool should be closed.
  • gigahorse.connectionTtl: The maximum time that a connection should live for in the pool.
  • gigahorse.maxConnections: The maximum total number of connections. -1 means no maximum.
  • gigahorse.maxConnectionsPerHost: The maximum number of connections to make per host. -1 means no maximum.