Ord is for types that have an ordering. Ord covers all the standard comparing functions such as >, <, >= and <=.

Scalaz equivalent for the Ord typeclass is Order:

scala> 1 > 2.0
res8: Boolean = false

scala> 1 gt 2.0
<console>:14: error: could not find implicit value for parameter F0: scalaz.Order[Any]
              1 gt 2.0

scala> 1.0 ?|? 2.0
res10: scalaz.Ordering = LT

scala> 1.0 max 2.0
res11: Double = 2.0

Order enables ?|? syntax which returns Ordering: LT, GT, and EQ. It also enables lt, gt, lte, gte, min, and max operators by declaring order method. Similar to Equal, comparing Int and Doubl fails compilation.