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tree-sitter-scala 0.22.0

Hi everyone. On behalf of the tree-sitter-scala project, I am happy to announce tree-sitter-scala 0.22.0. The first two segments of the version number comes from the tree-sitter-cli that was used to generate the parser, and the last segment is our actual version number. tree-sitter-scala 0.22.0 uses tree-sitter 0.22.x.

About tree-sitter-scala

tree-sitter-scala is a Scala parser in C language, generated using Tree-sitter CLI, and conforming to the Tree-sitter API. Tree-sitter parsers are generally fast, incremental, and robust (ok with partial errors). We publish Rust binding to

Since its initial release in 2017, Tree-sitter parsers are adopted by editors like NeoVim, Emacs, Helix, and Atom to provide language features like syntax highlight and folding and more (supposedly part of


Full release notes are at

Parsing improvements

Parsing % for Scala 2 library, Scala 2 compiler, and Scala 3 compiler are as follows:

tree-sitter-scala scala-library scalac Dotty
0.22.0 100% 97% 85%
0.21.0 100% 96% 85%
0.20.2 100% 96% 84%
0.20.1 98% 93% 83%
0.20.0 89% 68% 66%

Prior to 0.22.0 (#394), operator_identifier included characters like : (colon), @ (at), and = (equal sign) even though those characters cannot be a legal operator without backticks. Having equal etc pushes tree-sitter into falsely thinking some construct to be an infix operation when they are = that is part of a definition or an assignment. This single change bumped the scalac parsing rate from 96% to 97%.

tree-sitter-scala inside

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this release is not exactly what’s in it, but who requested it. I had #379 open as a draft PR since March, and yesterday someone from GitHub commented:

Hello from the GitHub code search team. I would like to propose that this change be merged and a new release of the Rust crate be cut. Doing so will help us with an ongoing upgrade to our code navigation systems.

I’ve sorted guessed that tree-sitter is used within GitHub since the author of tree-sitter, Max Brunsfeld worked there, but now we have a confirmation. (Max now develops Zed editor)


tree-sitter-scala 0.22.0 was brought to you by me and a bot:

$ git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.21.0...
     4  Eugene Yokota
     2  GitHub

Thanks to everyone who’s helped improve tree-sitter-scala by using them, reporting bugs, improving our documentation, and submitting and reviewing pull requests.

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