size of the grid 

After playing a few times, I noticed that the effective size of the grid is much smaller than 10x20 because how low the spawning point is. To work around this, we should expand the grid size vertically, but display only the lower 20 rows at least for the swing UI. I’ll keep the specs to be 10x20 so I don’t have to change all the numbers. newState should accept gridSize`:

  def newState(blocks: Seq[Block], gridSize: (Int, Int),
      kinds: Seq[PieceKind]): GameState = ...

Now, mostly the change is at swing UI. Pass in chopped off gridSize for rendering:

    drawBoard(g, (0, 0), (10, 20), view.blocks, view.current)
    drawBoard(g, (12 * (blockSize + blockMargin), 0),
      view.miniGridSize,, Nil)

Next, filter to only the blocks within the range:

    def drawBlocks {
      g setColor bluishEvenLigher
      blocks filter {_.pos._2 < gridSize._2} foreach { b =>
        g fill buildRect(b.pos) }
    def drawCurrent {
      g setColor bluishSilver
      current filter {_.pos._2 < gridSize._2} foreach { b =>
        g fill buildRect(b.pos) }

Now the newly spawned piece creeps from the top edge of the grid.


As always, the code’s up on github:

$ git fetch origin
$ git co day5v2 -b try/day5
$ sbt swing/run