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sbt 1.4.8

I’m happy to announce sbt 1.4.8 patch release is available. Full release note is here -

How to upgrade

Download the official sbt launcher from SDKMAN or download from

In addition, the sbt version used for your build is upgraded by putting the following in project/


This mechanism allows that sbt 1.4.8 is used only for the builds that you want.


Changes with compatibility implications

sbt 1.4.8 is published to Sonatype OSS without going through Bintray.

Migration note for Travis CI

If you’re using Travis CI, you might run into the above issue because it’s using an older version of sbt-extras. Here’s how you can use the official sbt launcher script instead:

  - |
    # update this only when sbt-the-bash-script needs to be updated
    export SBT_LAUNCHER=1.4.8
    export SBT_OPTS="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8"
    curl -L --silent "$SBT_LAUNCHER/sbt-$SBT_LAUNCHER.tgz" > $HOME/sbt.tgz
    tar zxf $HOME/sbt.tgz -C $HOME
    sudo rm /usr/local/bin/sbt
    sudo ln -s $HOME/sbt/bin/sbt /usr/local/bin/sbt
  - sbt -v "+test"



sbt 1.4.8 was brought to you by 6 contributors. Ethan Atkins, Eugene Yokota (eed3si9n), Matthias Kurz, Naoki Takezoe, Ondra Pelech, Rafał Sumisławski. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped improve sbt and Zinc 1 by using them, reporting bugs, improving our documentation, porting builds, porting plugins, and submitting and reviewing pull requests.

For anyone interested in helping sbt, there are many avenues for you to help, depending on your interest. If you’re interested, Contributing, “help wanted”, “good first issue” are good starting points. If you have ideas let us know on sbt Discussions.

Apparently April, an active contributor to Scala compiler has been sick without diagnosis. Let’s help her out!