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Giter8 0.12.0


I added a small app called giter8-launcher for Giter8 0.12.0. The purpose of the app is to make the behavior of the Giter8 template more predictable. Today, template authors may create a template for some version of Giter8 X, but the users might use some other version of Giter8 Y that ships with “sbt new.”

One of the neat ideas about sbt is that no matter what version of sbt script users might have it installed, the core sbt version is specified by the build author using project/ file. This significantly reduces the it-only-works-on-my-machine problem. giter8-launcher is analogous to sbt’s sbt-launcher. giter8-launcher clones the template and reads project/ file to determine the Giter8 version to render the template.

Template authors can now specify the Giter8 version in project/ file as:


Once “sbt new” uses this mechanism it should decouple the Giter8 version from the release cycle of sbt.

I implemented this feature in #444 working on and off for a while. The original idea was proposed by Merlijn Boogerd (@mboogerd) in 2017 as #303, and was merged as #344 but it didn’t work so we had to pull it out. I am hoping third time is the charm.

Coursier bootstrap

Giter8 0.12.0 also adds a bootstrap script for giter8-launcher generated using Coursier, and publishes to Maven Central as This could be locally saved as ~/bin/g8.

Documentation in Korean

Earlier this year (2019), documentation was translated to Korean by Hamel Yeongho Moon (@hamelmoon) in #417 with review by @yoohaemin. Thanks!

Other updates

Special thanks to the contributors for making this release a success.

$ git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.11.0...v0.12.0
    50  kenji yoshida (xuwei-k)
    11  Eugene Yokota (eed3si9n)
     3  Yeongho Moon
     2  Dale Wijnand
     2  Renato Cavalcanti
     1  Yuusuke Kounoike
     1  Jentsch
     1  Anil Kumar Myla
     1  Sergey Morgunov