package treehugger

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Type Members

  1. trait AnnotationInfos extends treehugger.api.AnnotationInfos

    AnnotationInfo and its helpers

  2. trait Chars extends AnyRef

    Contains constants and classifier methods for characters

  3. trait Constants extends treehugger.api.Constants
  4. trait Definitions extends StandardDefinitions
  5. trait DocGen extends AnyRef
  6. class Flags extends ModifierFlags

    All flags and associated operatins

  7. class Forest extends Universe with StdNames with Definitions with Symbols with Types with Constants with Scopes with Names with Trees with AnnotationInfos with TreePrinters with TreeGen with DocGen with TreehuggerDSLs
  8. trait HasFlags extends AnyRef

    Common code utilized by Modifiers (which carry the flags associated with Trees) and Symbol.

  9. class ModifierFlags extends AnyRef

    Flags set on Modifiers instances in the parsing stage.

  10. trait NameManglers extends AnyRef

    A trait to encapsulate name mangling.

    A trait to encapsulate name mangling. It's intended for the values and methods involved in assembling names out of other names, and not for simple synthetically named locals.

  11. trait Names extends AnyRef
  12. trait Scopes extends treehugger.api.Scopes
  13. trait StdNames extends NameManglers
  14. trait Symbols extends treehugger.api.Symbols
  15. trait TreeGen extends AnyRef
  16. trait TreePrinters extends treehugger.api.TreePrinters
  17. trait TreehuggerDSLs extends AnyRef

    A DSL for generating scala code.

    A DSL for generating scala code. The goal is that the code generating code should look a lot like the code it generates.

  18. trait Trees extends treehugger.api.Trees
  19. trait Types extends treehugger.api.Types

Value Members

  1. lazy val forest: Forest
  2. object Chars extends Chars
  3. object Flags extends Flags
  4. object ModifierFlags extends ModifierFlags
  5. object NameTransformer

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