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sbt-buildinfo 0.10.0

I’m happy to announce sbt-buildinfo 0.10.0. sbt-buildinfo is a small sbt plugin to generate BuildInfo object from your build definitions.

Since the last feature release was in 2018, there have been some pending contributions. I think the important thing is that it compiles with -Xlint and -Xfatal-warnings on both Scala 2.13.3 and 2.12.12.

Breaking change: scala.collection.immutable.Seq

sbt-buidinfo 0.10.0 will generate scala.collection.immutable.Seq(...) instead of scala.collection.Seq(...).

This was contributed as #150 by @smarter.

Breaking change: output local time

sbt-buildinfo 0.10.0 will output build time in local time (using JSR-310 java.time.Instant) with timezone string.

buildInfoOptions += BuildInfoOption.BuildTime

This was contributed as #156/#157 by @xerial and @leviramsey


buildInfoOptions += BuildInfoOption.PackagePrivate

sbt-buidinfo 0.10.0 adds a new option to make BuildInfo package private. This was contributed as #151 by @pcejrowski.


buildInfoOptions ++= Seq(BuildInfoOption.ConstantValue, BuildInfoOption.PackagePrivate)

sbt-buidinfo 0.10.0 adds a new option to make BuildInfo fields constant value definitions when possible.

package hello

import scala.Predef._

private[hello] case object BuildInfo {
  /** The value is "helloworld". */
  final val name = "helloworld"
  /** The value is "0.1". */
  final val version = "0.1"


We recommend making BuildInfo package private if you use this option. #164 by @eed3si9n

bug fixes and updates


sbt-buildinfo 0.10.0 is brought to you by the following contributors:

    10  Eugene Yokota (eed3si9n)
     9  Kenji Yoshida (xuwei-k)
     4  Philippus
     3  Mitchell Skaggs
     3  Yaroslav Derman
     2  Filipe Regadas
     2  Pawel Cejrowski
     1  Andreas Flierl
     1  Dale Wijnand
     1  Taro L. Saito
     1  Bilal Fazlani
     1  dfranetovich
     1  joriscode
     1  Guillaume Martres
     1  Frank S. Thomas
     1  Levi Ramsey