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sbt 1.9.1

Hi everyone. On behalf of the sbt project, I’m happy to announce sbt 1.9.1 patch release is available. Full release note is here -

See 1.9.0 release note for the details on 1.9.x features.


Change to Scala CLA

sbt 1.9.1 is the first release of sbt after changing to Scala CLA in #7306 etc. A number of contributors to sbt voiced concerns about donating our work to Lightbend after 2022, and Lightbend, Scala Center, and I agreed on changing the contributor license agreement such that the copyright would tranfer to Scala Center, a non-profit organization. sbt and its subcompoments, including Zinc, will remain available under Apache v2 license.


Behind the scene


sbt 1.9.1 was brought to you by 13 contributors and one good bot: Kenji Yoshida (xuwei-k), Eugene Yokota (eed3si9n), Adrien Piquerez, Matthias Kurz, Julien Richard-Foy, Alex Klibisz, Andrzej Ressel, Chris Kipp, Dale Wijnand, Dongxu Wang, Kevin Lee, Krzysztof Atłasik, Ondra Pelech, Scala Steward. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped improve sbt and Zinc by using them, reporting bugs, improving our documentation, porting builds, porting plugins, and submitting and reviewing pull requests.

For anyone interested in helping sbt, there are many avenues for you to help, depending on your interest. If you’re interested, Contributing, “help wanted”, “good first issue”, and Discussions are good starting points.

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Forbidden Colours has started a fundraising campaign to support organisations in Poland, Hungary and Romania that are welcoming LGBTIQ+ refugees.

Scala Center is a non-profit center at EPFL to support education and open source.