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sbt 1.10.0-M1

Hi everyone. On behalf of the sbt project, I am happy to announce sbt 1.10.0-M1. This is the tenth feature release of sbt 1.x, a binary compatible release focusing on new features. sbt 1.x is released under Semantic Versioning, and the plugins are expected to work throughout the 1.x series. Please try it out, and report any issues you might come across.

The headline features of sbt 1.10.0 are:

How to upgrade

The sbt version used for your build is upgraded by putting the following in project/


This mechanism allows that sbt 1.10.0-M1 is used only for the builds that you want.

Zinc fixes

New CommandProgress API

sbt 1.10.0 adds a new CommandProgress API.

This was contributed by @dragos in

other updates

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