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This is part 4 of the post about sbt-projectmatrix, an experimental plugin that I’ve been working to improve the cross building in sbt. Here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3. I’ve just released 0.6.0.

recap: building against multiple Scala versions

After adding sbt-projectmatrix to your build, here’s how you can set up a matrix with two Scala versions.

ThisBuild / organization := "com.example"
ThisBuild / scalaVersion := "2.12.12"
ThisBuild / version      := "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"

lazy val core = (projectMatrix in file("core"))
    name := "core"
  .jvmPlatform(scalaVersions = Seq("2.12.12", "2.13.3"))

This will create subprojects for each scalaVersion. Unlike ++ style stateful cross building, these will build in parallel. This part has not changed.

Previous post also discussed the idea of using % to scope dependencies to a configuration.

new in 0.6.0: simpler project ID

Instead of appending JVM2_13 suffix, starting sbt-projectmatrix 0.6.0, axes JVM and 2_13 will be considered a default and it will generate subproject named core or util as opposed to coreJVM2_13.

new in 0.6.0: 2.13-3.0 sandwich support

Scala 3.0 will have built-in interoperability with Scala 2.13.x, and 2.13.x branch has also recently added Scala 3.0 interoperability known as TASTy reader. Details aside, we can now use this to write one subproject in Dotty and another using 2.13.

sbt-projectmatrix 0.6.0 allows you to create matrices of subprojects that will detect 2.13-3.0 sandwich and automatically wire them when available:

val scala212 = "2.12.12"
// TODO use 2.13.4 when it's out
val scala213 = "2.13.4-bin-aeee8f0"
val dottyVersion = "0.23.0"
ThisBuild / resolvers += "scala-integration" at ""

lazy val fooApp = (projectMatrix in file("foo-app"))
    name := "foo app",
  .jvmPlatform(scalaVersions = Seq(dottyVersion))

lazy val fooCore = (projectMatrix in file("foo-core"))
    name := "foo core",
  .jvmPlatform(scalaVersions = Seq(scala213, scala212))

lazy val barApp = (projectMatrix in file("bar-app"))
    name := "bar app",
  .jvmPlatform(scalaVersions = Seq(scala213))

lazy val barCore = (projectMatrix in file("bar-core"))
    name := "bar core",
  .jvmPlatform(scalaVersions = Seq(dottyVersion))

This backports sbt/sbt#5767 so using this 2.13-3.0 sandwich becomes available to sbt 1.2 and above.