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I made a new Github organization called foundweekends for people who like coding in the weekends. If you want to join, or have project ideas ping me on twitter or come talk to us on Gitter.

As the starter, it will pick up maintenance of conscript, giter8, and pamflet from @n8han.

conscript 0.5.0

We’ve already made the first release today. First, we merged some pending pull requests. Next, I bumped up the Scala, Dispatch, and scopt versions used by conscript #85. There’s been several issues and pull requests around the idea of setup directory, so I’ve introduced the idea of CONSCRIPT_HOME.

If you want to control where conscript downloads things, now you can change it #86.

cake shop

There was a weekly hacking group in New York a while back. Different members meeting at a grungy cafe called Cake Shop, which played live music at night, but mostly empty in Saturday morning at 11:00. That hacking group was called Found Weekends (as opposed to feeling lost in the weekend). Projects like Unfiltered have started from this group. I’ve only gone to a few of them, but it was one of the first times I met open source developers. I was a bit nervous going there, but felt welcomed once I got there. Just geeks like me writing code. @n8han and @softprops let me join their project when I didn’t know anyone else, to which I feel gratitude. That’s where the name comes from.


The immediate motivator for creating the new foundweekends is distributing the maintainance conscript and other tools, but I don’t want to limit ourselves to the upkeep of no-longer-maintained projects. I would also like it to be a place where people can exchange ideas (over Gitter), or pick up things to work on just for a weekend. We’ll see how it goes.