about me

I am Eugene Yokota (@eed3si9n on Twitter and GitHub), a software engineer with years of experience working on Scala tooling. I've been lead sbt maintainer since 2014, former Tech Lead of the Lightbend Tooling Team, and Principal Engineer on the Scala (Compiler) Team (See 6 years at Lightbend for details). I'm passionate about improving developer experience on and off the work, and like to tinker with ideas both through coding and this blog http://eed3si9n.com/ as my personal platform. You may have heard of 'herding cats' series.

My specialties are researching and documenting complex landscapes of problems through reading, and talking to people, and bringing them into concrete implementations. I'm great at taking existing tools, and making them more performant and developer-friendly.

I also have ten years of experience on various open source projects on GitHub, and nine years of experience working remotely. Most people would describe me as a friendly person to work with.

I'm looking for a new team

I'm looking for a new team to solve the next big problem. Beyond my current field of Scala and developer tooling, I'm keen on continuing to be a student of the art. Some of the potential area of interest might be large-scale data processing and bioinformatics.

Location: Remote or in New York (remote preferred)
Employment type: Full-time employee

Some topics I'll want to discuss with you:
- How does the company plan to survive the post-COVID contraction?
- What is this team most proud of?
- What is the mission of this team? How would it quantify success?
- Where do you think I can do the most good?
- What problems will this team be tackling over the next 6 months?
- Who in this team has given talks at tech conferences like Scala Days?
- Are there any women/Asian/Black/Latinx/LGBTQ person along the management ladder I would report to?
- Does this team direclty talk to developers in the community?

I'm looking for the right position and eager to explore opportunities. Here's my cv. If you think we're a match, please email me at eed3si9n at gmail.com.